Thursday, November 21, 2019

Structural Assimilation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Structural Assimilation - Essay Example Majority of them were former industrialists, white collar employees, land owners, managers and bankers. They went ahead and laid the economic foundation to absorb waves of Cuban immigration. The Cubans created an economic enclave in South Florida where solidarity in view of ethnicity was translating business ties. This is what created a mechanism which enabled Cubans to access cultural and physical capital needed for prosperity. One of the key mechanisms was the rotating credit associations. These were informal associations which provided loans to Cuban society based on their reputation .They did not need to have any collateral to qualify for the loans.Also, Cuban employees were paid less; thus making Cuban businesses more competitive. Despite the fact that employees were paid less they were given promotions, onjob training, and were also helped by their employers to start their own business. The geographical concerdration of businesses played a central role and was an important element that led to success of South Florida enclaves. This was because of the proximity of Cuban customers and clients. Cubans could afford to run a business without any knowledge on English. On the other standpoint, through direct conquest of their homelands, Mexican entered the American society. The news from the American media that Mexicans living in America were guaranteed security of their properties and Spanish will be respected turned out to be a false promise from Americans. Hence, through manipulations, Americans seized vast tracks of land from Mexican. This deprived Mexicans their physical capital thus diminishing their ability and capacity to prosper. Though Mexicans initially entered American society through conquest, the immigrants suffered racial discrimination and discrimination to speak Spanish as well as being confined to poor neighbourhoods.All those factors led to the greater success of Cuban with respect to Mexican immigrants regarding

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