Saturday, February 8, 2020

Sustainability and ethics course Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Sustainability and ethics course - Essay Example It has maintained a steady growth with respect to net margin and other financial indicators. Nissan requires acquiring a detailed idea about the threats and weaknesses that it might face and possess while operating efficiently in the global automotive industry. In terms of findings, it can be noted that the management team of Nissan is efficiently working towards collecting feedbacks from its stakeholders by arranging conferences, making direct dialogues and interviewing among others. It can be affirmed that by adopting and executing effective strategies, the company can overcome its weaknesses and mitigate the threats that arise during the conduct of various operations. It is projected that such strategies will contribute into enabling the company to reap several significant benefits and derive positive outcomes. Nissan is regarded as a multinational business organisation operating in the worldwide automobile industry. Its cars are sold globally under the trade name of â€Å"Nissan†. In 2013, Nissan unveiled its logo under the steel-blue frame, which differentiates itself with its brand (Nissan Motor Corporation, 2014). Nissan has left its mark by creating wide assortment of cars and trucks. It has traded these in the brand name of â€Å"Nissan†, â€Å"Datsun†, â€Å"Infiniti† and â€Å"Nismo.† Presently, it is expanding its operations by conducting an alliance with Renault; a France based automotive company with holding 43.4% share (Nissan Motor Corporation, 2014). Nissan aims to offer innovative products, services and excitement to the customers across the globe wherein it operates. Currently, the company possesses manufacturing outlets in twenty countries and provides service in excess of 160 countries throughout the globe. In offering services worldwide, Nissan has utilized the strategy of embracing diversity to meet the demands of diverse customers and also to accomplish the sustainable growth of its

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